Prostate Massage Therapy for Prostatitis

If you are suffering from prostatitis then you have likely heard of prostate massage therapy. So, what is it? How will it help you in relieving your pain and getting better. Today, we Relaxlism will be going over prostate massage therapy for prostatitis in its entirety. Having a better understanding of it is a great first step in getting better.

What is Prostatitis

Most people know what the prostate is. Well, imagine the prostate being swollen and causing issues with ejaculation. That is what prostatitis is. Your prostate makes sperm, but when the prostate is swollen, it can cause pain during ejaculation. It is important to know that prostatitis is different from both cancer and an enlarged prostate.

There are different types of prostatitis that you should be aware of as each has its own unique symptom.

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    Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis: Seen mainly in older males, this type of prostatitis is typically caused by other bacterial infections. Some of the symptoms include painful urination, rectal pain, and blood in the semen. Though symptoms last for about three months, they are seen on an off which can make it hard to notice.
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    Acute Bacterial Prostatitis: If out of nowhere you experience a fever, joint pain, or pain in the base of your penis, you may have acute bacterial prostatitis. The symptoms are caused by infection in the prostate.
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    Asymptomatic Prostatitis: One of the more dangerous prostatitis is asymptomatic prostatitis. As it sounds, this is prostatitis characterized by no symptoms. Even with the lack of symptoms, the prostate could still be swollen. The only way to find out if you have asymptomatic prostatitis is if your doctor does a blood test.

What is Prostate Massage Therapy

Looking over the different types of prostatitis should give you a general idea of what it is. One of the methods of treatment for prostatitis is called prostate massage therapy. There are many reasons that make prostate massage therapy beneficial. For starters, it helps with blood flow which in turns helps with preventing infection (as we learned above can be a cause of certain prostatitis). Click here to check out article that goes more in depth into Deep Tissue Massage Bruising.

The process basically encourages prostatic fluid secretion. This will reduce swelling of the prostate and help with prostatitis.

Benefits of Prostate using a handheld Massager

Helping with prostatitis is a general benefit of prostate massage therapy. To understand more of what the process will help with, we will go a bit deeper into the subject. For more info click on this article Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects.

Firstly, prostate massage therapy will help with painful ejaculation. When you ejaculate, a swollen prostate can cause a build up and non-smooth secretion. Massaging can get rid of this pain quite easily.

If you are suffering from an irregular urine flow, you will also benefit from prostate massage therapy. The bigger your prostate, the more likely it is to get in the way of other important parts of your body such as the urethra. This blockage can cause painful urination or inability to urinate. For more info click on this article best handheld massager.


So, now that you know a little more about prostate massage therapy for prostatitis, what do you think? Is it a method that you are interested in giving a try? We highly recommend it for anyone who is going through this type of pain. The process can be very rewarding. You should proceed to contact your local doctor for more details on the process.

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