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How Can Poor Posture Result in Back Pain?

It is common knowledge that poor posture can result in back pain. But, how can poor posture result in back pain? That is the question we are going to be  Answering today. many people understand that if you have bad posture, then you put yourself at risk of hurting your back. However, many do not understand why it is that way.

Why Poor Posture Can Result in Back Pain

When we talk about posture, we are referring to the Where you position your body when you are standing, sitting, or doing anything else such as sleeping. The best posture is achieved when your spinal cord is perfectly aligned during all of these events. This prevents unnecessary stress and strain from being applied on to your spine and causing issues. Many people do not believe that poor posture is that your mental or that they have poor posture. However, if you pay a little more attention to detail, you may start to see places that you can improve upon when it comes to your posture.

In the short-term, bad posture may not seem to have any effect on your back. However, anatomically this is far from the truth. Overtime that bad back posture can easily lead to a restructuring of your spine. This can cause unnecessary stress in your back and lead to activate it blood vessels which thin would cause back pain. Check out reviews: Best Massager for Lower and Upper Back – Top Rated Review.

Knowing if the back pain is caused by poor posture can be difficult to say the least. However there are a couple of cues that you can look out for. First, if the back pain is only happening at a certain time of the day or during a certain type of event, it is likely due to bad posture. Going along with this, if you do experience pain during one of these event and you change the position that you are in and the pain goes away, you can pinpoint it down to posture. Another great indicator is if the pain starts at your neck and continues down your spine. What is Dorsalgia?

Tips to Improve Your Posture

There are several tips and tricks that you can implement to help you improve your posture. We will go over only a few. 

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    Imagery: One popular way to improve your posture is by using imagery. Imagining yourself sitting up straight and stout is a great and simply method. Some people even like to imagine that there is a string connected to the top of their heads that is pulling them up straight. Whatever you can imagine that will help you consciously stand up straight will help with your posture. You can also check out our Lower Back Spasms Can’t Move article.
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    Duct Tape: They say that duct tape can solve any problem and that has yet to be proven false. Using duct tape is a neat and creative way to help with your posture. By taping an 'X' on your back with the duct tape, you will be able to fill when you start slouching and you're no longer sitting or standing up straight. You can also check out our Lower Back Spasms Can’t Move article.
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    Extra Tips: ​​​​Here are a few additional tips for mastering good posture. Standing on the balls of your feet is always a good idea. This way, you are not tempted to lean forward since your weight is sitting on the back of your heels. Also, while standing make sure your hands are flat on your sides. Do not have them in any other unnatural position. Stand tall. Pull your shoulders backwards if you have to. Go see our page Single Best Exercise for Lower Back Pain.

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