Massage Chair Side Effects

Stress affects us all. Life can become too much at times and having some way to relax is always a good thing. For some people, that relaxation comes from massage chairs. But are massage chairs as safe as we are led to believe? Today, we will be discussing massage chair side effects. Now, keep in mind that massage chairs are not all bad. There are several benefits to massage chairs as well. 

​Possible Side Effects from a Massage

​Benefits of Massaging Chairs

Benefits of Massaging Chairs

Let’s start off with the benefits of massaging chairs. It is a common stress reliever, so building it up first is the best route to choose.

Getting Rid of Health Issues

Massage is very good at helping with back pain and injuries. Massage chairs only amplify this affect as it can easily target certain areas of your back. Click here to learn How Do Massage Chairs Work.

Preventing High Blood Pressure

Reducing stress overall is a great way to prevent high blood pressure. Any type of stress from your life including work and financial issues can be lessened with a massage chair. Many studies have been conducted to help support this statement.

Lactic Acid Buildup and Sore Muscles

The better your blood flow, the less lactic acid buildup you will experience. Massage chairs help improve your blood flow and as such, helps with sore muscles. So, if you do a lot of working out and training, massaging chairs can significantly help with muscle fatigue.

​Massage Chair Cons

Massage Chair Cons

No, on to the main purpose of our article today: massage chair side effects. These effects are only truly experienced when you improperly use your massaging chair. Reading over the manual that comes with your chair is a great way to avoid running into any of these side effects.

Low Blood Sugar

Massaging has the potential to lower your blood sugar. This is fine for most, but for those with diabetes, you do not want this. Contacting your doctor before using a massage chair is highly advised if you are diabetic.


Depending on the fabric and material used in the massaging chair you use, you could experience negative effects. For those allergic to leather, you will be in trouble with working with a leather massaging chair (very popular). Using other linens to cover up the chair is a great workaround to this.


Some massaging techniques can cause pain if used improperly. For example, deep tissue massaging can end up being a negative effect if used incorrectly. Your nerves could easily become irritated because of this. Though  the pain will not last long, it is important to remain aware of improper use.


Since massage chairs are so good at flushing out toxins in your muscles, staying hydrated is imperative. Though these toxins are being released from your muscles, they are still in your body. Drinking lots of water will help with getting this toxins completely out of your body. For those with a weak immune system or those who are already sick, you should use massage chairs with caution.


Once people see that the best massaging chairs really work, they may be tempted to use it to heal all of their issues. This is not a very good practice. Relying strictly on the massaging chair for health related issues can lead to negative or reverse effects. Massage chairs do not adequately substitute proper medical treatment. Click here to lean How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair.


Everything has a negative side to it. As much as the best massage chairs reviews help with stress, anxiety, and muscle relaxation, there are some things you should be aware when it comes to massage chairs. From pain to infection, it is always better to be informed fully on devices like massage chairs before using. Click here to lean if Are Massage Chairs Good for You

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