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Lower Back Spasms Can’t Move

Back spasms that get so bad that you cannot move is a major red flag. If you experience lower back spasms can’t move then you should see your doctor immediately. Why does this happen, though? What can you do to fix or treat it? Today, we will be discussing this in depth. Our backs are very important to moving and it is important to have a strong and healthy back if you do not want to experience any issues with movement.

Causes of Lower Back Spasms

Back issues can arise from many different things. From injury to disease, our back can seem fragile at time. So, what can cause lower back spasms?

First, injury is one of the most common causes of back spasms. Any kind of impact on your spinal cord can leave devastating effects. Some back spasms are not serious enough to require a doctor’s examination, however, most do. This is especially true for injury. Check out our reviews: best back massager. How Can Poor Posture Result in Back Pain?

Another cause of back spasms is improper or uncomfortable sitting, laying, or standing. This type of spasm is not as serious as those caused by injury or disease. If you are having back spasms and can’t move, you likely will not be suffering from a minor back spasm like this.

When Should You Seek Medical Attention

Some people experience back spasms and simply ignore it. Having multiple back spasms that result in you not being able to move is very serious. If you are experiencing this and choose to ignore it, you are making a mistake. Seek medical attention the first time it happens. 

Treating Back Spasms

Most of the time, lower back spasms that lead to immobility can be seen coming. Overtime, back spasms can develop into more serious conditions. Catching these back spasms early is the best way to prevent more serious developments.

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    HydrateWater is a great way to help with back spasms. Lack of electrolytes can easily cause back spasms in your lower back. Staying hydrating is a great defense in helping. Electrolyte rich substances such as bananas and gatorade are good as well. What is Dorsalgia?
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    Exercises: Back spasms can occur in the lower back due to a weak back. Doing back exercises is a good defense against back spasms. There are many different exercises and stretches that you can do to both help alleviate pain and strengthen your back. Go see our page Single Best Exercise for Lower Back Pain.
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    Ice and Heat Packs: In the event that you are actually working on your lower back muscles too much, putting an ice pack on it can help shrink the back muscles. This can get rid of the energy located in the back that is causing the back spasm in the first place. 30 minutes is a good amount of time to let the ice pack sit on your back.On the other hand, using a heat pack may also help in alleviating spasms. Where ice packs will shrink the back muscles, heat packs will help expand it. Even so, the same desired effect is achieved. When your muscle warms up, it is able to relax. Since spasms can be caused by stress in the muscles, this is a viable option.


Now that you know how to treat lower back spasms can't move, you should feel more comfortable when laying down to go to sleep. Having a random back spasm can be scary, but being prepared is the biggest step you can take. If all else fails, a visit to the doctor never hurt anyone. You should never ignore back spasms that cause you to not be able to move.