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How Much Does an Infrared Sauna Cost

Infrared sauna is one of the newest most popular forms of saunas. Many people are getting big great results from using them. As such, this leaves a coming question being a test, how much does an infrared sauna cost? Well, today will be going over that. The cost of infrared saunas can vary depending on the type of sauna of that you want and how many people you will want using it. We at Relaxlism will go over many of the different factors that influence the cost of saunas as well as some of the things that you should be looking out for when buying.

Number Of People

The number of people is a major influence on how much does an infrared sauna cost. As such, the more people you want to be able to use the sauna, the more it will cost. As a general rule of thumb, You can get a 2 person infrared sauna for around 1500 to 2500. 4 person saunas range anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000. If you want to fit anything above that, be prepared to spend around $6,000 to $15,000.

 These costs all are relative, however, they should accurately represent the cost of saunas on the market today. If like to use a sauna after exercising check out this article Sauna After Lifting.


When it comes to getting your sauna installed, additional costs can arise. Most infrared saunas, however, tend to be relatively easy to install. If you have any prior knowledge or handiwork experience, you should have no issues setting up an infrared sauna. Click here for more info on 
Infrared Sauna Detox Side Effects.

When it comes to installation cost, there are subcategories that apply to this specific area. For example, the size of people that the sauna and fit will increase the cost of the sauna itself. But, when it comes to installation cost, the size of the sauna can also affect the cost of the installation.Of course, there are other factors that influence this metrics such as the power options of the sauna and the type of add-ons sauna has such as LED lights. 

All of this together can be hard to calculate on a per individual basis. So, in general you can look to be to paying around $1,000 to get your sauna installed.

Type of Sauna

You should also be aware that there are different types of infrared saunas available. You can get saunas that dispense far infrared rays and near infrared rays. Depending on the type of ray, the cost of the sauna can increase dramatically. For example, far infrared sauna's are costly due to the type of ray used. These rays have been proven to help extend the well-being and life of an individual. So, of course the price of the sauna will go up for that. All infrared sauna's have good health benefits, so getting stuck on which provide the most health benefits is not necessary. 


In conclusion, there are a number of different factors that can influence how much does an infrared sauna cost. From the number of people to the cost of installation, the cost can definitely rise before you know it. They are expensive, however, the many benefits that you can get from them can out weigh those expenses for some people.