How Do Massage Chairs Work

Life is extremely stressful. Having moments where you can simply relax is always nice and is our aim here at Relaxlism. One of the best and most popular ways of doing so is with a massage chair. So, how do massage chairs work and why are they so effective at getting relax? That is what we will be covering today.

Good things of Massage Chairs

The best massage chairs are beneficial for many reasons. Relieving stress and anxiety are only a couple of the most popular reasons. Massage therapists can attest to this fact. Massage has very strong health benefits and massage chairs only help reinforce and implement this. The great thing about massage chairs is that you get the benefit of what a massage therapist can give you at a much cheaper price.Click here to lean How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair.

Mechanics of Massage Chairs

There are several different types of massage chairs out there. So, you can imagine that each one of those chairs work in a different manner. We will be going over a more general idea of how massage chairs work. 

Basic Explanation.

The first basic feature of massage chairs is characterized by vibration. When it comes to massage chairs, vibration is one of the main differences among chairs. For higher end chairs, vibration is the lowest tier feature. However, lower end massage chairs rely on the vibration feature.

The vibration feature is used to help relax muscles in the lower back area. It helps alleviate stress and back pain if it is there, but overall, the feature tends to only help briefly. Click here to lean if Are Massage Chairs Good for You

More Advanced Parts

Moving on, higher end massage chairs have advanced parts that mimic hand movements similar to those provided by massage therapists themselves. Even lower end models have a less advanced version of this technique. Using moving parts in the chair, hand massage movements can be copied and implemented into the chair’s primary functions.

When it comes to the more advanced chairs, you obviously will have more options to choose from in terms of massaging techniques used. There have even been heating elements added to higher end designs to help stimulate the muscles and relax them. Massage chairs have come such a long way over the years. Now, full body massage chairs are being produced. Whereas these magnificent chairs used to only work on the lower back, now they can hit many different areas of your body. Click here to learn Massage Chair Side Effects.


In conclusion, massage chairs do not work any different than massage therapists. They apply similar techniques, just with special mechanics. The design of massage chairs are wonderful and depending on the type of massage chair you choose, can accomplish just as much if not more than therapists. You can save money in the long run if you plan to get massages often.