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Deep Tissue Massage Bruising

Deep Tissue  massaging is wonderful for getting rid of tight muscles and soreness. From the name, some people wonder if deep massaging is even safe. However, the Deep part of the name simply refers to how well the massage is performed.

This type of massage is actually very popular. despite this fact, there are still people who experienced deep tissue massage bruising. Today will be going over a little about deep tissue massage seeing and why some may experience bruising.

What Is Deep Tissue Bruising from Handheld Massagers

So, before we Relaxlism go in-depth into why  deep tissue massage in can cause bruising, let's discuss deep tissue massage in general. The way deep tissue massaging works is very similar to normal massage techniques. The only difference, the amount of pressure applied when using these techniques. This type of massage is also a bit more focused on a particular Area  which is tightness in the muscle. For more info click on this article the best handheld massagers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Will I be able to handle deep tissue massage? Deep tissue massages are not as intense are painful as they may sound. Yes, the amount of pressure applied is more than a normal massage, but it is bearable. Unless you bruise very easily, you should be fine with getting a deep tissue massage.
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    Are deep tissue massage results instant? Sadly, the results of deep tissue massage or not instant. the way Deep Tissue Massage Works, it can cause additional soreness due to the intensity of the massage. However, after a few days of allowing your muscles to  recover from the massage, you will feel so much better.
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    Will I experience bruising if I get deep tissue massage? This question highly depends on the person. we will be going over this a little more in-depth below, but the short version is yes, there is a chance that you will experience bruising after getting a deep tissue massage. The pressure and intensity of the massage therapist that you have will highly effect this outcome. For more info click on this article Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects.

More On Deep Tissue Massage Bruising

So, now that you know that it is possible to get a bruise from Deep Tissue Massages, why exactly does it happen? Well first it is important to know that if you do get bruised after a massage, it is not normal. Typically, if the right technique is to used you do not have to worry about bruises.

If you do get bruised after a deep tissue massage, there are likely to reasons for this: A medical condition or a ruptured blood vessel.

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    Medical conditionAs discussed above, if you get bruised easily, you likely have a medical condition that you're aware of. In this case you should avoid deep tissue massages if at all possible. This can be caused by several different factors including age and genetics. Click here to check out article Prostate Massage Therapy for Prostatitis.
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    Ruptured Blood VesselDue to the pressure applied during deep tissue messaging,  if a blood vessel ruptures, bruising can occur. The blood that escapes from this ruptured blood vessel builds up and causes a discoloration in the skin known as a bruise.

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