Best Infrared Sauna Reviews

Best Infrared Sauna


Oh, time in the sauna. There’s nothing like sitting on a wooden bench, naked, while sweat pours down your body. In all seriousness, it is pretty relaxing and there are enough benefits to make those butt splinters worth it.  


Getting the best infrared sauna could be a good investment. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best options available on the market today. Read on.


Best Rated

JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Infrared Sauna


One can never go wrong with this best home sauna. Equipped with top quality carbon fiber far infrared heaters, this product can surely deliver. It is very safe to use as there are no chemicals added. It also has an additional safety glass that can sustain a higher temperature within the cabin and it secures better insulation.


  • Great quality wood, very easy to install
  • Heats up quickly and safely
  • Can be plugged into a normal grounded outlet


  • It does not come with a backrest. You will have to purchase it separately. 
  • Not a great fit for 2 persons unless one or both are very petite
  • Poor quality audio system


Runner Up

JNH Lifestyles 3 Person Infrared Sauna


What makes this brand stand out against other top-rated saunas is its 8 zero-EMF carbon fiber far infrared heaters. It is very handy and transportable. It has two premium speakers and a volume rocker which can work with other portable audio machines. Its interior LED lights are long lasting and are way cheaper than other light bulbs.



  • Very easy to assemble
  • Good looking; very attractive in person
  • Heats up quickly 



  • Requires 110V/20A USA socket
  • Not a great fit for 3 persons
  • This product weighs 300 lbs or more; door to door delivery is not always an option


Best Value

JNH Lifestyles 2-3 Person Corner Infrared Sauna


Not everyone can afford top rated infrared saunas. Good thing JNH has created one that is cheaper as compared to other models Even if it costs less, quality is not compromised. This product has five Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Heaters. Same with its expensive counterparts, it is likewise equipped with a built-in AUX control and two premium speakers.



  • Easy to assemble
  • 2-year warranty on all parts
  • Audio system works great



  • Can’t be used outside
  • Too lightweight; wood is not durable
  • The bench is too short and does not have enough support


Best for Families

Dynamic Sauna Monaco 6-Person Infrared Sauna


How about enjoying a sauna bath with the whole family? Of course, you would need one that is big enough to accommodate every family member and based on several infrared sauna reviews, this specific brand and model is the best you can get! This product makes use of ultra low EMF infrared carbon that works best in removing body toxins. Blood circulation is likewise improved. Those muscle and joint pains will be gone in an instant!





  • Not eligible for international shipping
  • Does not have enough reviews to prove its efficiency
  • Quite expensive


Less than Ideal

Great American Sauna Company 1-2 Person Sauna


This type of sauna should be ideal for two people. It could serve as a perfect date activity for couples. Based on the product description, this model is equipped with carbon tech panels that produce soft and efficient heat. It is said to be very effective in relieving stress and muscle tension. However, if you will check home sauna reviews, customers are saying otherwise. Most are dissatisfied with its performance.



  • Good design
  • Perfect fit for 1-2 persons
  • It can be used on a carpeted area



  • Several issues with the audio component/amplifier
  • Doesn’t heat up well
  • Warranty is not clearly stated


Narrowing Down Your Choices – Carbon or Ceramic?

Infrared saunas make use of different materials for the emitter. Some would choose carbon, while others prefer ceramic. Both works effectively but the level of heat being produced may vary.


The more popular choice as per far infrared sauna reviews is the carbon emitter sauna. It has the advantage of producing heat more evenly inside the unit. All wall spaces will surely be covered, thus allowing heat to penetrate evenly into your body.


Ceramic emitters, on the other hand, have two types – solid and incoloy. The latter is just an element coated in ceramic and is not as effective as the real ceramic. Ceramic emitters are suitable for those who would want to build their own sauna. The only drawback of this kind of emitter is its size. It is usually small, and the temperature is just localized. The ceramic heater should not be in direct contact with the skin as it may cause discomfort.


If you want a bigger sauna, choose to use carbon emitters.


Sauna Safety


    • Stay hydrated before getting a sauna bath as you will lose lots of water through your sweat.
    • If you don’t feel well, leave the sauna immediately.
    • Do not drink alcohol before your session. This can cause severe dehydration.


  • Always observe safety precautions or special instructions, if there are any.



Clinical studies have proven that the best infrared sauna can truly have an impact on health disorders such as depression, stress, arthritis, hypertension, and being overweight. If you want to experience pain relief and relaxation in an instant, this machine is the solution you have been waiting for.